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The Tale of Two Islands: Lord Howe and Norfolk Islands

Time: Wednesday 28 July 2021, 19:00 -
Place: The Hut, 47 Fleming Road, Chapel Hill
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Justin continues his exploration of the islands of Australia and has recently visited Lord Howe and Norfolk Island.  From Brisbane, Lord Howe is about 750km and 15km2 in size, while Norfolk is about 1600km from the mainland and about 35km2 in size.

The islands have similar (but different) origins, anthropological heritage, European interest, and landscapes.  The natural features of both islands are exquisite and unique. Both islands are remnants of extinct shield volcanos dominated by basalt landforms.

Island biogeography (the theory) tells us about isolation, dispersal and biodiversity, all which make visiting these unique locations all the more special. The species of the islands do not disappoint. Lord Howe is known for the more than 100 endemic plants, more than 200 birds (including the island rail) and the “recently” re-discovered phasmid. Norfolk supports more than 100 bird species, including many endemic species and the iconic green parrot which has been “brought back from the brink of extinction”.

Justin will share (supported by Mandy’s photographs) some of the history, landscapes and biodiversity of the two islands.

remote islands Lord Howe and Norfolk


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