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THECA’s New Binocular Microscope

THECA’s New Binocular Microscope

Recently, the THECA committee approved the purchase of a Nikon binocular microscope for people to ‘play’ with. We have added a video camera and connected it to a TV monitor. This means that many people at once can see what is under the microscope and, further, those who have difficulty peering down eyepieces and adjusting focus and magnification can still get the full experience. So far the instrument has been used for a Kids Time event and for an Open Sunday. With excellent magnification and resolution, visitors have been able to clearly see the details of a fly’s eye, a flower’s stamen, and even our snake-skin being consumed by a tiny caterpillar!

IMG 3358 NXPowerLite

IMG 3385 NXPowerLite x