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Is Mt Coot-tha under threat?

The Wilderness Society held a meeting of concerned citizens on 20th March to put forward community concerns about the proposed “Mt Coot-tha Zipline” experience. Below are the points raised at the meeting. The THECA Committee will put in a response to the Development Application (DA) once it is released. However, if you are concerned you may wish to register your concerns to the following:

Cr Graham Quirk, Lord Mayor, Brisbane City Council, www.brisbane lord mayor – complete online email)

Cr David McLachlan, Chairman for Environment, Parks & Sustainability (e: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Hon. Michael Berkman, State Member for Maiwair (email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Brisbane City Council Project Coordinators: (email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

  1. There is a “Deed of Grant and Trust” (established in 1880 for the people) over the land proposed for development. This deed specifies the use is for Community and Recreational Purposes”. The proposed development focuses on active tourism and recreation and may not technically breach the deed.
  2. Two Brisbane Council Plans cover the area under consideration and which one over-rules the other one needs to be identified
  3. The six ziplines are purported to be open until 9 pm with associated noise and lights
  4. Lighting around the development will affect plant growth due to interfering with growth patterns

Ecology (P. Hale, Ex UQ)

  1. The native vegetation in the areas to be developed is regarded as high quality in both dry and wet sclerophyll forests
  2. There are numerous trees with trunk diameters (at breast height) of greater than 40 cm in the dry forest area and greater than 50 cm in the wet forest area indicating a mature forest with old trees
  3. The areas have only been lightly logged in a few places in the 1890s, but otherwise have not been clear felled
  4. Hollows, necessary to many native birds and mammals occur in both forests. They indicated a mature forest and are necessary for fauna survival
  5. Powerful owls (Vulnerable Qld); Greater gliders; Feathertail gliders and Sugar gliders all rely on hollows and occur in the forests
  6. The 6 run zipline is planned to pass with 20 metres of a powerful owl nest site
  7. The tree top Canopy Walkway is located in high bushfire risk zones (C. Sandicoe), making it very difficult to use existing trees for supports.
  8. Council would be required to upscale it’s fire management in these areas if the development goes ahead
  9. It has been suggested that the proposed development may be affected by future ‘cyclones’ that affected The Gap recently.
  10. Council has put in $1 million to the project - Need to confirm that no more funds will be used to subsidise the project AND that if the ‘business’ fails, Council (i.e. ratepayers) are not left to fund future management
  11. Exit of 6 run zipline is in botanic gardens – usually not considered a primary use of such gardens
  12. Exit of Major zipline (six runs) is proposed to be located in the Botanic Gardens, in a quiet area. Need to seek agreement form other botanic gardens and government managers that they will NOT allow such a development in their gardens – as the botanic gardens are a network of facilities Australia-wide focusing on plants and education
  13. Transport issues may occur with buses being used to transport people back to their vehicles or other points in the area along the narrow Botanic gardens roads. There could be pressure in peak recreation times to take the minimum time to do this transporting, reducing the value of the gardens and the experiences being had by users
  14. Need to find out if Opposition in Council do or do not support the project
  15. Need to find out views of Bird groups to potential impacts on birds due to the development
  16. Council was perceived as having a conflict of interest in Calling for tender, managing the project and also deciding if it should go ahead
  17. Mt Coot-tha is regarded as a heritage site – need to confirm if it is listed on the Qld Heritage List/Register
  18. Mt Coot-tha area is regarded as ‘the lungs of the city’ much as the Blue Mountains are regarded in Sydney.