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Possible Changes to Fleming Rd - Area Between Kirkdale Rd & Birchley St

Possible Changes to Fleming Rd - Area Between Kirkdale Rd & Birchley St

Greg Siepen and Ian Ferguson met with Cr Kate Richards and Council employees on 29 August, to seek further information on the mooted changes to the road and footpath network around the entrance to the carpark at The Hut.

Cr Kate advised that consideration was being given to a number of issues in that area and Council was not yet even in the design phase of any changes. Issues included a possible need for safe pedestrian crossings near the bus stops, the visibility problem at the crest of Fleming Road, the lack of footpaths on the northern side of that part of Fleming Rd, the possibility of a retaining wall being required on that same side, the development application for a child care centre and home units at 70 Fleming Rd (currently refused by Council but under appeal), the safety of the road intersections at Fleming & Kirkdale and Fleming & Birchley, and also the footpath around to the bus stop almost opposite Candlebark Crescent.

Greg & Ian mentioned THECA’s concerns re future access into and out of the carpark and crossing Fleming Rd and the painted traffic island near the entrance and the frequency at which the carpark was at capacity. Cr Kate and the Council were aware of all these issues and Cr Kate assured Greg & Ian that THECA would be kept informed as it progresses, but it could still be a long way off.