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Nightwalk Sightings

Family nightwalks are held regularly throughout the year at various locations to view our urban and bushland night creatures in a relaxed manner.

See Events Diary for upcoming nightwalks.

15th November 2014: Gold Creek (reservoir area)

Over 20 people attended with a mix of adults and children. We split into three groups and did three different routes and met back at "The Cottage" for refreshments and discussion of sightings.

Species list for the night of what participants saw (O) or heard (H).


  • Litoria fallax – Eastern sedgefrog (H)
  • Limnodynastes peroni – Striped marshfrog (H)
  • Adelotus brevis – Tusked frog (H)
  • Litoria wilcoxii – Stony-creek frog (O)
  • 15 X Bufo (Rhinella) marinus – Cane toad (O)
  • Morelia spilota - Carpet python (O) Gold Creek Road
  • Brown tree snake (O) Gold Creek Road


  • Masked lapwing (O)
  • Southern boobook (O)
  • Powerful owl (O)
  • Tawny frogmouth (O) Rafting Ground Road after produce store
  • Owlet night-jar (H)
  • Nankeen night heron (O)


  • 2 X short-eared brushtail possum (bobuck) (O)
  • white-striped free-tailed bat (O)
  • 2 X common brushtail possums (O)
  • Bandicoot (northern brown or long-nosed) (O)


  • 2 X Brown Huntsman Spiders
  • garden orb-weaver – Eriophora transmarina


  • Praying mantis (stick mantid Archimantis latistyla?)

Other animals not specifically identified:

  • yabbies in the creek
  • river prawns in the creek        
  • small catfish (native species?) and other small fish in creek below cottage
  • flying ant



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