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Recent THECA Workshops

Workshops are held regularly to address certain issues and for members to gain more insight and skills about certain topics.

Native BeesIn May 2014, THECA member and bee enthusiast Tony Goodrich demonstrated the basics of keeping native bees (Tetragonula carbonaria), as well as discussing their life history and the environment.

BushcareIn 2014, a half-day workshop was held to acquaint people with Brisbane City Council’s Weed Identification site on their webpage (  BCC’s Senior Program Officer – Habitat Restoration, Andrew Meiklejohn, went through the keys to helping people identify some of the 300 introduced plants that they may encounter in and around the western suburbs.


THECA follows Queensland Health Covid-19 directives for all events and activities.
To check the current status of Covid-19 directives from Queensland Health,  visit: